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1. Message Encryption

SJ uses an OpenPGP encryption algorithm. You can create and import your own pair of keys or let the application generate a new pair.

The program supports up to 4096 bytes size PGP keys ensuring complete confidentiality of the correspondence.

SJ is compatible with any jabber clients that support PGP (Psi, Miranda, etc.)

2. Safe File Transfer

Transferring 32-digit code files into the archives now has become quite easy!

With our software, you can easily, conveniently and safely transfer important data.

The program has a "One click to send" function.

Thanks to this function, you can send your interlocutor 32 character password protected packed files with just one touch.

3. History Encryption

AES algorithm, also known as Rijndael, is used by the program to encode chat history. Nobody will be able to access your correspondence history without the password from your pair of PGP keys.

P.S. Anticipating your question of "Why not using the same OpenPGP?" we explain that decoding the stored history is time consuming. For example, to decode a transcript of 10,000 records, the program will need one hour.

Description of our client Jabber

This iOS application has all the features of a standard SJ for Win and Mac OS X! For this reason, here we will only cite the distinctive features of SJ’s iOS version.

What differentiates us from other clients:

  • Automatic message encryption system.
  • Compatible with all messengers that support PGP.
  • Any XMPP servers support.
  • Attractive design.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

These are the main five differences on which we focused when creating our product.

Now you can guarantee complete security when communicating on social networks (Facebook, GTalk (Google Talk), VK, Ya-line, etc.) as all their chat rooms use XMPP standards, supported by our program and used in all of its versions.

In order to use the social networking accounts, you just need to enter your username instead of your jabber ID when adding a profile (example: GTalk [email protected]) and all your correspondence (including Google) will look like this: "Message encrypted", "Message decrypted," for the third parties.

Note: in order for the messages to be encrypted, your interlocutor also should use SJ to correspond with you. With any other program, your correspondence with the interlocutors from your contact list will be unencrypted.

The remarkable thing is that you can establish secure correspondence from your mobile device with any PGP-encrypted supporting applications (Psi, Miranda, etc.). In simple words, you are always mobile! To ensure the encryption of your correspondence, you just need to transmit the key to your buddy! SJ will automatically detect that you have been sent the PGP key, will sign it, and encrypt your messages!

Remember: in order to enable your interlocutor to read your message, you need to send him your public PGP key! To do this, simply click on their name in your contact list, hold it for a few seconds, and after the appearance of an additional menu, select "Send PGP Key." To our great regret, we cannot guarantee that your interlocutor will understand the key signing technology enough to establish an encrypted communication with you! That's why you should advise him to use SJ and have all settings done automatically!

SJ has noticeable differences when compared to other clients - a properly thought out and carefully worked design! You will not see anything similar in any other client. The ease of use and an intuitive understanding of how to work with our product is also worth a particular mention. We took into account all the basic principles of working with applications for the iPhone\iPad, and we think we’ve earned an A!

Note: Many of our product features are hidden within the program. To discover them, simply click and hold until the additional menu appears. Believe me, within five minutes you will fully understand our program!


A priceless utility for only

with a 100% money back guarantee.

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